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Avengers themed clothes

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When I was in Sweden I bought this lovely sketchbook in which the models are already drawn and the Swedish child who buys this sketchbook is supposed to draw clothes on them that resemble their fashion taste and all... well I don't really give a fuck about their fashion style so I simply draw on them what I want!! I DO WHAT I WANT!!

So well... I got an idea to draw some Loki from the Avengers inspired dress and nobody cares, because I barely have friends on the internet anymore... well anyway I'm going to post it here, because I'm kind of proud of it.

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I'm bluffin' with my muffin

scotsman, mcavoy, lip licking
I love baking and I love cook books and books about baking, recipes in general. I just never seem to like to actually make something I have a recipe for. I prefer to take these packages of ingredients mixed together in a perfect way and make my life easier or I just make something completely random.

Saturday I bought two new books on cooking and baking and I'm actually pretty determined to do all the recipes in there. It is called:

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Ok, ok... time to get this back to life

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I deleted all dead and old friends and updated the design. It is terribly plain, but at least it is possible to read something from now on again.

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New beginning

scotsman, mcavoy, lip licking
There, I deleted all my old entries (the second time I did that now) and try a little restart. Yet all my friends here are inactive and the communities not really actual for my interests anymore...
but maybe I will redo my layout and look out for new friends.
Maybe not.
Depends on the time I have.


scotsman, mcavoy, lip licking

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